Dramatic Performance

Consistent Brand Experience

The Elements

Product Design

Expressive angles

Seductive geometry

Seductive geometry

Light reflectance

Cool neutrals

Vivid colour


Interaction Design

Expressive typography

Expansive photography

Fluid page layout

Playful interaction

Vivid product rendering

Weave a story of discovery around the product


Prompt the user to select a category or promotion of interest


Introduce the lifestyle story: usage, experience, emotion


Differentiate the lifestyle benefits of each model or package

Product Detail

Elaborate the lifestyle story through benefit-grouped model features

2 Visual Concepts



Concept 1


Act 1: the vehicle stands in the spotlight, the environment a graphic backdrop, layout as mise-en-scène. Abstraction enables simplicity, each element clearly delineated, in its natural form. A play of contrasts: technical precision and the emotional thrill of the ride. The gap between the figurative and the literal is a space you fill with your imagination, your aspirations, intrisically personal. The fantasy is yours.

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Concept 2


Set the scene, full screen. Establishing shot: the vehicle in its environment, jump into an exhilirating ride. The scene flips like a filmsstrip, from exterior to interior. Zoom in: the performance features that enable the exhiliration. Every vehicle a key to a new potential experience, with its own backstory of design innovation that leads to… mud, sand, water, open road, speed. Cut to: find a dealer, make it real.




Product Detail

Build & Price