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Riding the wave of the 2017 blockchain craze, GenesisB was founded as a consultancy/agency to help businesses develop applications for the technology.

What’s interesting about blockchain?

Not the code, not the numbers.

It’s the applications.

The things it can change.


Of the future, guided by innovation, grounded in reality.

  • Make blockchain understandable and approachable by avoiding jargon and using plain language.
  • Make blockchain relatable by showing real-world potential examples of the tech in use.
  • Bypass the entire “crypto” side of the blockchain world by avoiding any iconography they employ.
  • Focus the visual narrative on improvements to real, human systems and processes.
  • Many blockchain use-cases are dry, nuts and bolts. Cater to a pragmatic corporate audience.
  • Grounded in theory but focused on the real-life potential, stimulate the imagination.
  • Mix the rational with the emotional.

Explain by showing. Visualize potential applications.

  • Peer-Peer Payments
    Blockchain facilitates peer-to-peer transfer of assets (monetary or otherwise) in a cryptographically secure, decentralized and trustworthy manner.
  • Supply Chain
    Blockchain provides a layer of transparency for complex supply chains, securely integrating IOT data, determining provenance and improving 3rd party settlements.
  • Fraud Detection
    A blockchain can maintain a secure, immutable record of an entire product lifecycle, from manufacture to distribution, thus helping to ensure product authenticity.
  • Financial Settlement
    Transactions are processed by self-executing consensus mechanisms on the blockchain eliminating the need for 3rd party settlement costs and delays.
  • Smart Contracts
    Smart contracts on the blockchain allow for self-executing transactions to be automated with code, unlocking new capabilities for interdependent applications.
  • Loyalty Programs
    The crypto-economic model that is native to the blockchain provides an elegant framework for creating and managing loyalty programs and virtual economies.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    Blockchain’s immutable ledger is easily audited and can secure proof of process, and proof of ownership, helping to fulfill regulatory requirements such as KYC and AML.
  • Digital Identity
    Blockchain’s decentralized records allows individuals to prove and control their digital identities and securely manage profile data at a granular level.
  • IOT Security
    IoT device identification, authentication, seamless secure data transfer and related business process automation are all efficiently enabled by blockchain technologies.
  • Rights Management
    Blockchains provide a definitive time stamped record of provable, traceable, IP ownership, which cannot be tampered with or altered.
  • Remittance
    Blockchain can transfer assets and digital currency across international boundaries with near immediate settlement and robust security.
  • Voting
    Blockchains offer sophisticated, decentralized, cryptographically secure, consensus mechanisms, ideally suited to enforce tamper proof voting and governance.


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GenesisB provides focused blockchain expertise, helping companies discover and realize the innovative benefits blockchain can provide. Grounded in strategy, we will help you plan, design and implement effective blockchain solutions for your enterprise.



Combining our broad blockchain expertise with a deep dive into your business and partner ecosystem, we identify relevant market, customer, and business insights, uncover current pain points and opportunities, and set the foundation for a winning blockchain solution.


Working with you to determine and prioritize key goals, partner and regulatory dynamics, consensus mechanisms, privacy and platform considerations, we design an initial product scope/roadmap and technical approach, and identify relevant KPIs that will ultimately define a successful project outcome.

User Experience Design

By crafting compelling user stories, detailed customer journeys, intelligent interactive models, and an appropriate design aesthetic, we ensure a deep customer engagement and a frictionless user experience for all participants.

Business Process Innovation

To create a meaningful blockchain solution for you and your ecosystem of business partners, we detail the important elements of your business process to address the complexity of trust, consensus, data privacy, and technical partnership required for mutual success. This exercise ensures all stakeholder requirements are understood, documented, and realized.


Whether working on a proof of concept or building production systems, we collaborate with stakeholder technology teams to configure blockchain infrastructure, including implementation of network requirements, consensus algorithms, privacy and data considerations, smart contract development, and integration of relevant external components, in order to ensure a secure and performant blockchain solution.


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