Gini Health is founded on a simple idea: if you know your genetic traits, you can tailor your lifestyle and nutrition to balance out your vulnerabilities. In so doing, you effectively “change your genes” to be the best version of yourself.

A simple idea, complex in execution. The product was in need of focus and refinement in every aspect of the user experience. In addition, it needed a brand voice to tell its story and connect with potential customers.

We started with the area of greatest need, the product UX.

We sketched, wireframed, and prototyped ideas quickly until the entire experience began to take shape.

Once we’d resolved the entire user flow and had a decent head start on the developer, we turned to branding and visual design, then on to marketing.

brand voice

nature vs. nurture


a path to mastering our own evolution


i love oysters

i can’t stand onions

i’m addicted to caffeine

i can’t imagine life without milk

i don’t know what i need

i have type 1 diabetes

i’m lactose intolerant

i want to maximize my energy

i have these cravings…

i feel tired all the time

i have high blood pressure

i have so much energy

i love things that taste good

i need more iron

i am a picky eater

i just want to feel good

i worry about antioxidants

i want to live forever


it’s not about the science, it’s a lifestyle

what you want to do, who you want to be

and your path to get there

gini-concept-banana-moon_g gini-concept-broccoli-tree_g gini-concept-sun-orange_guetzli

product UI

g-ui-1 g-ui-2 g-ui-3 g-ui-4
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gini-website-desktop_g gini-website-other