Myth, Refined v3

Every year, for several years, the Jordan team at Blast Radius won award after award, producing pristine photography in-house, and meticulously executed design around it. Into this string of success, I was brought in to design an interface to support those award-winning campaigns. An understated, polished framework for arresting content.

You’ll have to take my word for it, but the animations were really nice.

Flight Club

Flight Club was the Jordan brand’s first foray into e-commerce, selling exclusive, limited-run merchandise to loyal fans. Since product demand far outstripped supply, everything was guaranteed to sell out within hours. So we inverted our e-commerce UX approach: we made it hard to buy the product. By adding little hurdles into the purchase process, we built anticipation, stoked desire, and enhanced the feeling of exclusivity. E-commerce as a game, playing hard to get.

Retail Kiosk

Touchscreen kiosks extended the online content’s reach into the physical retail environment to enable deeper engagement with the brand at third-party points of sale.

Lookbook UI

This resource for external partners was a quick, simple project, in 2010. The brand had evolved in the years since my prior work. It was very easy to get back in, with a fresh perspective. It’s a simple user flow through the products and their colorways. It’s a database.

j23-lookbook-login j23-lookbook-footwear j23-lookbook-apparel-download j23-lookbook-account