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Today, brands like Apple and Nike can’t ignore labour inequality, environmental impact, or the larger social effects of their global operations. With its Shared Planet initiative, Starbucks has been tracking and reporting on its progress in these areas for over a decade.

The Goals & Progress website is a document, made interactive, written and illustrated in partnership with the Shared Planet team in Seattle. The report is a mix of marketing and advocacy, to the outside world, but also within the company — transparency as motivation. The design was applied to updated report data in 2010, 2011 and 2012, and the illustrations were used until 2016.

In previous years, the Shared Planet brand identity had a “first-wave environmentalism” look, with various browns, torn-paper, textures, and other ecological signifiers. We started fresh, with a bright palette.

The data is visualized with playful illustrations (animated in Flash, alas). The fun part was discussing the data with the team at Starbucks to get to the heart of every goal, working together to bring each to life with simple ideas.

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