Home Grown

We create real food that respects the planet we live on and the people who enjoy it. We choose whole natural foods and never use refined flours or sugars. All of our meals are made from scratch, we avoid processed ingredients and think about the health impact of each and every component. We are keen to support sustainable, local agriculture, wherever and whenever the season’s allow.

Faraway flavours, locally sourced

We want an awesome combination of healthy ingredients and creative flavours, because eating well should be both enjoyable and invigorating.  Our chefs take great pride in reflecting the bountiful international  palette represented in this great city and their passion is evident in the layered sophistication of our meals.

the stuff we care about

Local and healthy

Our menus are always influenced by what is seasonally available. We believe that buying close to home is important to our economy and environment and our first choice is to source locally. We also realize that achieving a healthy menu year-round means we will need to source some high quality ingredients from warmer climates.


We want to make sure our people and our planet are around for the long term. Sustainability goes into all the decisions we make — from food to packaging to logistics to employee benefits.


Great food shouldn’t be hard to get. That’s why our kiosks are accessible 24/7 and loaded up with fresh food multiple times each day. Thank goodness for robots!

Food we love


Whole Grains

We like people to be refined (sometimes), but not our grains. Keeping all of the protein, fibre, and nutrients is something we think is a good idea.


Clean Meat

Our meats are free-range, antibiotic and GMO free. We source from local suppliers we know and trust. Our fish are Ocean Wise, line caught and/or organically raised.


Good Fats

It’s about balance. The human body benefits in a lot of ways from eating healthy fats, especially fats that come from vegetables. What is important is eating the right fats that the body needs and keeping the bad fats, sugars and refined ingredients out.


Local Produce

Supporting our local growers keeps their businesses going and ensures a constant supply of amazing food for generations to come. We like to stay atuned to seasons and support local whenever possible.


Sustainable Suppliers

Keeping the planet healthy is an important priority. We work with other like-minded companies who have positive practices that are focused on sustainable efforts.


Nice Spice

Creative use of flavours make our food different, in a good way. Whether it’s turmeric, furikake or aji amarillo, we want our dishes to bring the most interesting ideas from cultures around the world to your plate.

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Our kiosk is accessible 24/7 so that you can always get a grab-and-go meal that is made fresh daily; either through our fantastic automated machines or from our impeccably friendly staff.